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Rep. Tim Price of Georgia blasts shakedown of BP

In an effort to persuade BP and those of its ilk (FYI: Mr. Price, ILK isn’t a female ELK!), that he is just as qualified to act as ass-kisser-in-chief on BP’s behalf as is Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, Price recently made the following asinine comments (is there another kind for Timmy Baby?)
In blasting the $20 billion victim escrow account, Rep. Price blasted it as an example of Obama’s “Chicago-style shakedown politics.”
Rep. Price went on to say, “These actions are emblematic of a politicization of our economy that has been borne out of this administration’s drive for greater power and control.”
Even for a well-respected enabler and ass-kisser for the oil industry, Rep. Price’s hyperbolic (BS) comments clearly demonstrate that he is a certified moron (my apologies to morons).
Only an idiot would come to the defense of BP in regards to its criminal and/or quasi-criminal conduct in destroying the livelihoods of tens-of-thousands of hardworking folks in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and/or Florida.
Clearly, Rep. Tim Price possesses an I.Q. equal to and/or less than the legal speed limit in a school zone.
After commiserating (FYI: Timmy, means: conversing) with my old and dear friend Shania of Venice, Louisiana about Rep. Price’s apologetic comments on behalf of BP, I asked her to comment. However, due to her obvious angst and depression over the devastation visited upon her community by BP, she opted to send me a photo of her feelings, which is set forth below.
As Yogi Berra was wont to say years ago, I picture is worth 100 words.
One can reasonably question Rep. Tim Price’s motives in acting as an enabler/apologist for BP, right? It certainly appears that “big oil” has consistently and repeatedly bribed (Tim laughingly calls it a campaign contribution) to secure his unabashed support, right?
In reality, Rep. Tim Price is nothing more than a cheap whore (my apologies to hardworking whores). In fact, Tim’s price (pun intended) for selling his services to the pimps employed by BP, et al. is equal to the price the Right Rev. Jimmy Swaggart paid for hookers in Baton Rouge, which was about $20 a pop.
Hey Timmy Baby, I hear tell that the Bunny Ranch in the Reno area is looking for a dedicated, hard-working, no-holds-barred male hooker who’s willing to work for a pittance. Maybe worth looking into Timmy once BP cuts the umbilical chord attached to your bank account.
Finally, I suspect that Ol’ Rep. Tim Price would’ve been a rather interesting contestant on :”The Price is Right,” right Bob ( that’d be Bob Barker).


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