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Attorney Gloria Allred; publicity hound, certified idiot, ethical gimp

It cannot be disputed that Gloria Allred is a sorry excuse for an attorney (my sincerest apologies to sorry attorneys). In fact, she gives a bad name to the legal profession if that’s even remotely possible.
For further evidence as to the self-serving conduct of attorney Gloria Allred,
Attorney Gloria Allred has been divorced twice (can ya blame these guys?). Gloria Allfed's chances of duping a 3rd feller into marrying her seems to be rather remote, if ya know what I’m saying.  However, there’s always the chance she could delude some Dumbo with an I.Q. equal to or lower than the legal speed limit in a school zone in Los Angeles to fall into the trap.
As we speak (ca. June 2010) Gloria Allred is sixty-nine (69) years old, being born in 1941 in Philadelphia. An unreliable source provided me with an updated photo of Gloria. Upon review of same, can you really  blame  the average feller from being adverse to seeking a relationship with Gloria Allred? As they say, "a picture is woth a hundred words." I know, it's usually "1,000 words," howeve, in regards to Gloria Allred, "100 words" is really "overkill," if ya know what I mean!
If the average feller overdosed (O'D') on "industrial strenghh Viagra," this Ol' Dawg doesn't belive that anyone other than my old and dear friend "Delmas" from Louisville (aka, Lewis-Ville) would find Gloria Allred attracive if y'all know what I mean. Now, it's pretty apparent to this Ol' Dawg that, a feller would have need to be on an "intraneous" induced Viagra-Drip" in order to get "up" for an encounter of any kind with attorney Gloria Allred, right?
In tuth Boys and Girls, does Pfizer (the drug company that manufacuters those magical Blue pills) actually produce a dose strong enough to make the average feller get excited about the thought of engaging in intimate relations with attorney Gloria Allred? To ask the question is to answer it right?
Gloria Allred has a well-documented history as a degenerate publicity-hound (Is there another kind Gloria?) in that she only seeks to represent clients and/or causes after massive media attention. Below are but a few of the so-called clients Gloria Allred has misrepresented over the years.
  • Amber Frey – Scott Peterson’s paramour, girlfriend, mistress and/or whore
  • Boy Scouts for excluding 11-year-old girl, which she referred to as “gender apartheid”
  • Nicole Brown’s family v. O.J. Simpson
  • Sued Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee on behalf of photographer Henry Trappler
  • Sued TSA on behalf of Mandi Hamlin because she was made to take off her nipple rings in Lubbock, Texas airport (was Gloria jealous because TSA
  • Retained by Rachel Uchitel after she alleged having an illicit sexual affair with Tiger Woods
  • Allred is also representing porn actress Joslyn James in a suit v. Tiger Woods
Claiming to have had illicit sex with Tiger Woods is akin to Father John Geoghan of Boston (infamous pedophile) claiming he was truly concerned about the welfare of the young boys he was enrusted with over the years. If ya inclined to believe this BS, then you'll likely believe that Nevada Sen. John Ensign
Over the years (ca. 1963-2010), this Ol’ Dawg has been involved in discussions with an untold number of attorneys and/or judges, and during that time I have never come across a pair of despicable, self-serving attorneys (Gloria Allred and/or Jack Tuckner) who have dedicated their legal careers to the total avoidance of the Code of Attorney Ethics.
Clearly, it goes without saying that Gloria Allred and Jack Tuckner have succeeded in unashamedly defaming the entire legal profession for the sole purpose of unjustly enriching themselves.
Without doubt, attorneys Gloria Allred and Jack Tuckner are of the opinion that the legal term “pro bono” (aka, free legal services) relates to the alleged “out-of-wedlock” child of the late Sonny Bono.
And lastly, it cannot be disputed that Attorney Gloria Allred is analogous to “ethical attorney” as is the case with (a) honest attorney, (b) army intelligence, and/or (c) trustworthy Catholic Priest in his dealings with choirboys and/or alter boys. 



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