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Attorney Gloria Allred’s latest cause célèbre (aka, sucker) Debrahlee Lorenzana

Attorney Gloria Allred of Los Angeles has dedicated her legal career to the total avoidance of propriety (FYI: Gloria means “accepted standard of behavior”).
For a biographical history of attorney Gloria Allred I would invite you to visit the URL listed below the article named below.
Debrahlee Lorenzana is “hot tamale” from Chile who has laughingly claimed that Citi Bank wrongfully fired her for being “too sexy.” Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers fellers, have ya ever been exposed to a female co-worker that was just a tad “too sexy” for yer likin and demanded that she be discharged? Yeah, sure ya did Timothy, right?
Ms. Debrahlee Lorenzana of New York City originally hired attorney Jack Tuckner, an infamous pervert (practicing sadomasochist) to represent her rather lame lawsuit (aka, frivolous/sham) against Citi Bank wherein she laughingly claimed she was discriminated because she was just “too damn hot.” For evidence that attorney Jack Tuckner is a “certified and practicing pervert” I invite you to review the URLs posted below.
Because attorney Gloria Allred is a certified and unabashed “publicity hound,” and after taking due notice that the hyperbolic (BS) workplace discrimination claims of Ms. Debrahlee Lorenzana as laughingly put forth by New York City attorney Jack Tuckner had degenerated into massive media attention via an onslaught of reports by the Village Voice, NY Post, NY Times, NY Daily News and CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and/or FOX affiliates throughout the country, Gloria sought to interject herself into this ongoing soap opera.
Replacing attorney Jack Tuckner with Gloria Allred is analogous (FYI: Gloria and Jack means akin) to ex. President George Bush substituting Idi Amin as the official Whitehouse caterer with Jeffrey Dahmer.

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