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Rev. Rick Joyner says, Obama, Clinton, SCOTUS Lawlessness sign of End Times 


Rev. Rick Joyner is a celebrated charlatan who is the Senior Pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church in North Carolina.


On a recent (mid-August 2015) airing of his daily comedy radio show, “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events,” Rev. Ricky decided to go after Hillary Clinton in regards to ongoing story about her emails as Secretary of State. Towards that end, Ricky told his intellectually deprived audience:

  • “If nothing happens to Hillary, if she's not prosecuted for this, what has happened to law, what has happened to order, to justice?”

Rev. Rick then turned his feigned outrage on Obama by saying:

  • “Obama has "committed many impeachable offenses" which are sowing the seeds of lawlessness all over this nation.”
  • "If the president doesn't have to keep laws that he doesn't agree with, why should anybody have to keep laws they don't agree with?"

Ricky finished up his loony rant by saying:

  • "Why should I have to obey this speed limit sign out here? I don’t agree with it.”
  • “It just releases lawlessness across the board."
  • "It just releases lawlessness and this is one of the things the Lord warned is going to be one of the major signs of the End Times.”
  • “We're either going to see justice done in relation to Hillary Clinton or we're going to see just how much further we've fallen into lawlessness.”

It’s hard to believe that anyone actually believes anything this moronic lunatic has to say.


And lastly, it should be remembered that Rev. Rick advocates the involvement and eventual takeover of the government by Christians. This is exactly why the folks fled England and landed on Plymouth Rock.


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