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Rev. Ted Haggard Blows off Past Misconduct to start new church

I think we all remember the religious zealot and family-values guru and quintessential hypocrite, the Rev. Ted Haggard who was caught utilizing the services of a male prostitute several years ago.
After initially lying about this illicit affair and that his male hooker was providing him with amphetamines, The Rev. subsequently admitted his guilt and was forced to resign from his mega-church in Colorado.
An unreliable source indicated that Rev. Ted Haggard will be donning a pair of “industrial strength knee pads” just in case he gets lucky while tending to the flock at the grand opening Saint James on June 6, 2010. . Of course it goes without saying that Rev. Haggard will also provide knee pads to any member of his new flock that are in need of same. Just kinda shows his hearts in the right place, right?
Another unreliable source indicated that newcomers to Saint James (aka, suckers) will be allowed to contribute methamphetamine in lieu of cash donations.
How in the hell is it possible that this clown is still a certified Minister? 
I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to not allow Rev. Ted Haggard the opportunity to “fleece-the-flock” in order to better provide the luxuries that he clearly deserves, right? After all, even a degenerate like Rev. Ted Haggard has the absolute right to earn a dishonest living!
In my opinion, the only folks that would even consider joining Rev. Ted Haggard’s new church likely possess an I.Q. equal to or lower than the legal speed limit in a school zone.
Lastly, in the event you do appear at St. James Church, take my advice and make darn sure that you never leave your purse and/or wallet unattended.
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