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Is Congress instilled with the same ethics as working girls at the Bunny Ranch? Of course not!

First and foremost, and most importantly, I would sincerely apologize to the hard-working girls at the Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada for the comparison. Please no nasty emails girls if ya know what I mean. After all, my wife of 45-years and/or one of my three daughters and/or my grandchildren (5 of them as we speak) have ready access to my emails.
Clearly, when some fellers, many of whom are married, decide to engage in extra-marital sex at the Ranch, they do at a minimum receive specific services for their money. Put simply, they get what they paid for!
In contrast, and in most instances, members of Congress give a bad name to “honest hooking for services rendered,” if ya know what I mean.
A cursory review of campaign contributions made to members of Congress clearly indicates that the vast majority are for all intents and purposes “cheap whores.” My apologies to “cheap whores” in Baton Rouge that provided services to the Right Reverend Jimmy Swaggart and those of his ilk.
In many instances, our esteemed congressional whores are more than willing to sell themselves to a special interest for a mere pittance.  And their Johns aren’t interested in the political affiliation of any of the whores they purchase for designated services. Put simply folks, being a paid whore for special interests in Washington is “apolitical.”
Of course in some instances, we have members such as David Vitter (aka, the quintessential family values guru) purchasing the services of whores from the "DC Madam." Clearly, this is irrelevant since Vitter claims that Jesus forgave him for his sin. Is that like cool or what? I'm particuarly taken aback by Senator Vitter's obvious lack of class in selecting a hooker to provide him with services his wife was apparently willing to provide. An unreliable source provided me with a photo of Sen. Vitter's choice which is pictured to the right. Prey tell!
These payments are laughingly referred to as “campaign contributions,” when in fact there nothing more than bribes paid to specific whores in return for a result aimed at unjustly enriching the John and/or Johns seeking the services of our esteemed and hard-working whores.
This continuing raping of the citizenry will continue unabated until all of you decide to bring it to a screeching halt. I know you’re asking, how in the hell can we do that Dawg? Well folks, for one thing you can get off your duffs and demand better by telling these ingrates to take a hike when you appear at the polls in November.
As to the means by which we (that’d be the overburdened taxpayers of this country can effectuate “real change,” as they say, “stay tuned.”
And lastly, I offer my sincerest apologies to Mr. Denny Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch for any perceived slight for comparing his hard-working girls to the whores in DC. Sorry Denny!
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