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Judicial Misconduct

The Judicial Industry consistently put forth they hyperbolic (BS) mantra that they “must be held to a higher standard of conduct.” If this were true, which it clearly isn’t, then Judicial Misfits wouldn’t be running amok.
I’ve spent the last twenty or more years investigating Judicial Misconduct here in the U. S. of A. and throughout the world, and that ongoing investigation clearly proves that the members of this Industry are in fact held to a much “lower standard of conduct” than we are.
If you engaged in the egregious misconduct of members of this industry, some of which is criminal, trust me folks, you’d likely hear the words “you have the right to remain silent.” In fact, the following are but a few examples of provable criminal conduct engaged in by judges that was given the proverbial “wink and a nod” by the enablers/apologists in charge of the so-called Judicial Misconduct Commissions.
  • Multiple counts of proven perjury in submitting false affidavits to obtain judicial wages
  • Sexual assaults on female court staff
  • Perjury during judicial misconduct hearings
  • Threats to murder someone
  • Criminal trespass
Self-policing of Judicial Misfits
In every jurisdiction, here and abroad, the Judicial Industry has packed Judicial Discipline Commission Boards with judges and/or attorneys. Obviously, attorneys are loath to vote to discipline a member of the judiciary when they are beholding to them to succeed financially in court.
The enablers for the Industry would have us believe that for the most part, only a judge or attorney is capable of reviewing the facts and determining if misconduct occurred and to then mete out appropriate punishment. This self-serving BS doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
If non-members of the Judicial/Attorney Industries are capable of sitting on juries and rendering verdicts involving convoluted patent infringement, medical malpractice and/or murder cases based on circumstantial evidence, then they are surely able to determine the guilt of a Judicial Misfit. To suggest otherwise makes a mockery of the Industries constant refrain wherein it praises jurors for their ability to issue fair verdicts based on the evidence.
The truth of the matter is that the Judicial Industry absolutely fears being judged by us. They fell much safer being judged by fellow enablers and apologists.
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