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Judge Christopher Easthope of Ann Arbor; potty mouth scofflaw


The state of Michigan presented Christopher Sean Easthope with a law license in 1996 after he graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Detroit.


In 2008, Easthope duped the voters in Ann Arbor into electing him to a seat as a District Court judge.


During his tenure on the bench, Chris found it acceptable to repeatedly violate his oath of office by engaging in ex parte communications with his attorney friend Nader Nassif. Despite his close relationship with Mr. Nassif, Easthope never recused (removed) himself from any of the numerous cases that Nassif prosecuted in his court.


The Ann Arbor News obtained nearly 400 pages of text messages between Judge Easthope and his attorney friend Nader Nassif. University of Detroit Mercy law professor made the following statement after reviewing the text messages.


“These messages seem to demonstrate a continuing close personal relationship with a particular lawyer that at times conflicted with the judge's professional duties that should have resulted in the judge recusing [removing] himself from all cases involving the attorney.”


The texts show that Judge Easthope and Mr. Nassif were drinking buddies who smoked pot together at least on one occasions. The texts also suggest that Easthope assisted Nassif’s law firm in obtaining a contract with the City of Ann Arbor. Shortly after the contract was awarded to Nassir’s firm for $240,000 and a $203 amendment, Easthope texted Nassif: “U owe me.”


Below are a few examples of Easthope and Nassif’s texts.


Nassif:  “Hey have client at community at community corrections right now. He has a physical problem peeing and is asking if he can take a swab test instead. Community corrections needs your approval before they do it.”

Easthope:  “I don’t give a fuck.”

Nassif:  “That client I withdrew from is fucking too much man.”

Easthope:  “What a whore! I’m funny. I hear ya.”

Easthope:  “No yet on bench.”

Nassif:  “Her bed is at Brighton. Also please add in the order that she has to turn over her cell phone to her mom.”

Easthope:  “Galani didn't pay – show cause. Would her mom like me to put her food order on my bond sheet also Jesus fucking.”

Nassif:  “I know man. Please.”

Easthope:  “Tell the mom to stop fucking calling my office.”


Knowing that an investigation by the Judicial Commission would likely lead to his removal from the bench, Easthope took the cowards way out and announced his resignation on July 2, 2015 with an effective date of December 31, 2105.


Chief Judge Elizabeth Pollard Hines of Washtenaw County, ordered that Judge Easthope would be prohibited from hearing any cases until he leaves the bench in December. However, this Certified Louse will continue to receive his $138,000 annual salary, which means he’ll be paid about $2,800 each week for performing no services on behalf of the overtaxes citizens of Ann Arbor and the state of Michigan.


Who was the Moron that said crime doesn’t pay?

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