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Justice Robin Davis of West Virginia; Il Duce Wannabee


FYI: Il Duce is none other than Italian dictator Benito Mussolini who was aligned with Hitler in World War II.


The state of West Virginia presented Robin Jean Davis with a law license in 1982 after she graduated from the University of West Virginia Law School.


This isn’t the first bite from the Judicial Misfit Apple tree for Justice Davis. Previous stories can be found by visiting the URLs listed at the end of this article.


A high-profile lawsuit against a West Virginia nursing home settled out of court shortly before the West Virginia Supreme Court issued a decision in the case. (CharlestonMail-Gazette)


In regards to the case, one lawyer continues to suffer repercussions because he had the chutzpah to raise a legitimate question about Justice Davis’s bias in the case. The bias related to the sale of a private jet to Michael Fuller by her husband, one of the attorneys suing the nursing home.


As a consequence of the sale, Davis was asked to withdraw from hearing the nursing home case; however, she refused to do so by laughingly claiming she wasn’t biased.


After the case was settled, Davis sought her revenge against the attorney by filing a sham ethics complaint against him with The Office of Disciplinary Counsel. Put simply, Arrogant Robin let it be known amongst the West Virginia Bar that she wasn’t to be trifled with. And that meant any lawyer who dared to question her integrity would pay the price.


For one thing, it is absolutely absurd that when seeking a judge’s removal for bias one has to asked that judge to rule that she/he is in fact biased. That’s analogous to asking Mel Gibson to admit that he’s a degenerate wife beater.


Based on Davis’ retaliation, James sampler, a Hofstra University judicial ethics expert, told ABC News:


“To threaten the attorney, and implicitly to threaten attorneys generally who might question her on recusal grounds, is really an abuse of the position.”


Hopefully, West Virginians will wake up and vote this Certified Loser off the bench if she has the chutzpah to run for reelection in the future.


As we speak (July 2015), Davis continues to sit as an Associate Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court.

Justice Robin Davis of West Virginia; arrogant loser


Chief Justice Robin Davis of WV; arrogant, ethical gremlin, certified moron



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