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Hopefully, we won’t have a War over Marriage Equality ruling


In a recent (early July 2015), Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore went on yet another rant in an ongoing effort to prove he is one of America’s Premier Bigots and Homophobes.


In a recent interview with aspiring comedian and anti-abortion loon Randall Terry, Roy made the following asinine comments.

  • “I hope we don’t have a war.”
  • “I hope we don’t have conflicts, but we definitely need to recognize that same-sex marriage is something that has not existed on a government level.”
  • “I think people have not seen what the consequences of this court’s ruling are yet.”

Apparently, Roy the Bigot is claiming that there may yet be another Civil War where the old confederate states will arm themselves and begin their armed attack by going after California and then New York.


If Roy and his fellow bigots are so displeased with the equal marriage ruling, then why don’t they just renounce their American citizenship and move to some other democratic country like North Korea or Yemen? I’m sure they’ll be greeted with open arms or at least some type of arms.


Given Roy’s over-the-top attacks on members of the gay community, maybe we need to ask Roy the following question.


“What’s in your closet, Roy?”


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