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Ohio Rep. John Boehner: hypocrite, arrogant,  and pompous 


As the minority leader of the U.S. Congress, it appears Rep. Boehner has dedicated his political career to the total avoidance of propriety. For the majority of his adult life, Rep. Boehner has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough!
Its one thing to be an honest political broker in disagreeing with Obama’s agenda; however, it’s quite disturbing when a so-called representative of the people (that’d by y’all down Cincinnati way) dedicates his time attempting to divide us rather than unite us. Sadly, it appears the Mr. Boehner is more interested in protecting his cushy, do-nothing congressional job than he is in looking out for our best interests.
I fully support a vigorous debate in opposing the efficacy of a sitting President’s agenda whether he be a Democrat or Republican. However, when said opposition is based solely on fabrications, outright distortions and/or lies, then that’s when I part company from those who would so act.
Unfortunately, it appears to me that Rep. Boehner has dedicated a significant amount of his time at the Hollywood Tans Salon at 625 D. Street in D.C. and/or the Body Waxing Plus tanning salon at 9454 Kenwood Avenue in Cincinnati in an inept attempt to portray himself as the “ultimate Lady’ man!”
If Mr. Boehner dedicated the same effort at attempting to resolve the problems we all face; rather than trying to be America’s answer to “Adonis,” we’d all be better off.
Whether you’re a member of the Democrat, Republican, Progressive, Green, and/or Tea Party, we’re all in the same boat regardless of our ethnicity, religious beliefs, race and/or sexual preferences. If ya disagree, then shame on you!
Unfortunately, Rep. John Boehner and those of his ilk,  whether they be on the right or left, are more concerned about protecting their do-nothing jobs and/or political power than they are in assuring that all of us, and I mean all of us are represented fairly and equitably in D.C.
In truth folks, John gives hypocrisy a bad name in limiting his representation to multimillionaire /bankers/investors on Wall Street and/or the Linder family in Cincinnati.
Dawg’s Recommendations to Rep. John Boehner
John, I would offer the following advice: When you’re traveling to any of the following venues on the taxpayer’s dime to attend (a) political fundraisers, (b) conferences and/or (c) political seminars, ya might wanna avoid visiting the following areas:
  • New York City – Greenwich/East Village and/or Chelsea
  • San Francisco – Castro District
  • Austin, Texas – Warehouse District
  • Los Angeles – West Hollywood (Santa Monica Blvd.)
  • Columbus, Ohio – Blazer’s Bar and Parson’s Avenue area
  • Cincinnati – Adonis or Nonta Club and/or Hamilton Avenue in Cinci (I’m sure you know them well Johnny Baby)
Beware Mr. Boehner, if you were to inadvertently stumble into any of the aforementioned venues. I suspect you’d be one popular feller if ya ventured into any of the aforementioned venues, John.
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