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Gay folks demanding Christians have sex with them 


On a recent (late June 2015) appearance on the WallBuilders comedy radio show, self-proclaimed homophobe and bigot, Pastor Tim Brooks of Arkansas decided to spew forth some idiotic rants in regards to the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality. Towards that end, the Right Rev. Brooks said:

  • “Here is the only thing that will satisfy this agenda, and it's very clear: participation."
  • "We want you [straight folks] to come out of your house and participate with us.”
  • “They're going to force participation and that's what we're seeing around the country.”

Of course the bigoted moron has no proof of any kind that any members of the gay community are attempting or demanding that straight folks have sex with them.


However, if Reverend Timmy really believes the BS he spews forth, then I’d suggest he be sent to Folsom prison and be assigned to cell no. 647 where he’ll be bunked up with Clarice (real name Clarence.) After a couple of weeks with Clarence (Folsom’s friendliest inmate), the Rev. ought to be able to speak intelligently on having sex with one of them.


It is indeed unfortunate that hard core bigots like Rev. Timmy and those of his ilk are able to intentionally flame the fires of bigotry with their outlandish and false rants.


What’s particularly galling is the fact that Rev. Timmy is able to do so as a so-called non-profit charitable organization. Timmy is the antithesis of what the term “charity” actually stands for. In fact, he’s an embarrassment to all well-intentioned Elmer Gantry Wannabees.


One must seriously wonder why Danny expends so much energy in his spewing forth hatred towards members of the gay community. Maybe we need to ask Timmy the following question:


“What’s in your closet, Timmy?”


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