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Does Kentucky Senate Candidate Rand Paul support discrimination?


    In a recent interview with the Louisville Courier –Journal and Rachel Maddow (ca. May 19) Rand Paul stated he supported the 1964 Civil Rights Law.   However, it appears that he did not support the Federal Government’s so-called enforcement of non-discrimination laws in regards to private businesses such as restaurants or bars. Put simply, I came away from viewing the Rachel Maddow show with the clear impression that Rand Paul would support a restaurant owner’s right to exclude Blacks, Asians, Jews, Arabs and/or other minority groups.    Put simply, it would appear that Rand Paul would find it acceptable if a restaurant or bar owner posted a sign on his/her door stating any of the following, all of which I would personally find offensive.     
No Nigras be allowed
Jews Prohibited
Arabs banned from Entering
Gay folks aint' welcome here


On the other hand, I wouldn’t have any problem if the owner posted a sign saying:

No attorneys or politicians permitted on the premises


 Clearly, if a bar owner allowed his patrons to carry concealed weapons and it was known that an attorney or politician was present; one could only imagine what kind of carnage might ensue, right?


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