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Bristol Palin paid ($15,000-$30,000) spokesperson for pre-marital celibacy? What?

It has been recently reported that Bristol Palin (that’d be Sarah’s daughter) if now offering her services (not those services fellows) as a spokesperson on the efficacy of remaining celibate prior to marriage.
If a quintessential hypocrite like Bristol Palin is entitled to as much as $30,000 for spewing forth this type of hyperbole (BS), then as the late Red Buttons was wont to say,  why weren’t any of the following folks offered similar speaking fees?
  • Jeffrey Dahmer for speaking on the merits of being a carnivore
  • Rev. Jimmy Swaggart on the economy of hiring $20 hookers in Baton Rouge
  • Dr. Josef Mengele on reducing government costs to care for the mentally disadvantaged
  • David Duke on improving racial relations between Blacks and Whites
  • Sen. Ensign on how to silence your paramour by offering a bribe of $100,000 or more
  • Sen. David Vitter on providing relief to a wife by seeking sexual favors from the DC Madam
Ms. Bristol Palin agreed to have sex without any protection when she was 16, and she likely did so many, many times. To suggest that she is qualified to speak on the issue of celibacy doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
I guess when your Mom (that’d be fellow hypocrite Sarah) is knocking up (I’m sorry I mean knocking down) $100,000 or more to speak to a bunch of ignoramuses, then this only proves that the Apricot doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?
In truth, Sarah and her daughter Bristol are nothing more than disgusting opportunists that feel it is appropriate to pocket millions of dollars by spewing forth hypocritical hyperbole.
And lastly, in addition to being disgusting hypocrites and unabashed opportunists, Sarah and Bristol are certified morons (my apologies to morons.)
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