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After Macy’s Dumps Trump; he announces New Product Line


After his recent (late June 2015) bigoted rant against Latinos while announcing his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, Macy’s announced it was phasing out the Trump line of menswear.


The Donald wasn’t impressed with Macy’s actions. In fact, he took the news with the grace and class that one would expect from a world class gentleman.


The news was no big deal to The Donald given the fact he claims to be worth at least 8 or 9 billion dollars. Put simply, the income from Macy’s was likely chump change to the Donald.


On the bright side for Donnie is his soon to be released announcement that the 99 cent and $1.00 store chains have agreed in principle to carry a line of Donald’s adult disposable diapers, which will be called “Dump on Trump.”


Of course the success of this new product line depends on the Donald’s recognized ability at self-promotion. I’m sure he’ll do whatever is necessary to make the “Dump on Trump” line of adult diapers a smashing success.


And lastly, given the Donald’s self-promotional skills, I’m confident that it won’t take very long before his new product is number two in the adult diaper business.


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