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Threaten to kill Ohio Judge – 7 months in jail – Question judge's ethics – 8 years in jail


I know at first blush it sounds a little absurd that for threatening to kill a judge and his wife in Ohio, the defendant only spends seven (7) months in jail. On the other hand, if ya have the chutzpah to question a judge’s integrity and do so via email communications, you’ll be sentenced to eight (8) years in prison.
I know Boys and Girls; you’re thinking the Ol’ Dawg is loosing it, right? Well, the facts below should dispel that thought!
Punishment for threatening to kill Ohio judge and his wife
In September 2006, Mr. Kenneth Favors pleaded guilty to threatening to kill Judge R. Scott Krichbaum of Youngstown and the judge’s wife.
Mr. Favors was then sentenced to a four-year prison term; however, after serving a mere seven (7) months, he was released.
Punishment for questioning the integrity/honesty of Judge Richard Markus of Cleveland
Judge Richard Markus of Cleveland has been working the retired visiting judge circuit in Ohio since at least 1998 and during that time was a member of the late Chief Justice Thomas Moyer’s “hit team” of unethical judges willing to Moyer’s bidding in punishing his real and/or perceived enemies and/or rewarding Moyer’s political friends (contributors), etc.
The record before the Ohio Supreme Court proves beyond all doubt that Chief Justice Thomas Moyer and ex-attorney Mrs. Elsebeth Baumgartner were “mortal enemies.”
When the opportunity arose for Chief Justice Thomas Moyer to appoint a visiting retired judge to sit on a case involving his admitted nemesis Ms. Baumgartner, he immediately and without hesitation chose someone he knew he could rely on in dispensing with justice rather than dispensing it. And that unethical dwarf was none other than retired visiting Judge Richard Markus of Cleveland.
I’m not privy to the specifics of the alleged language that Ms. Baumgartner used in communicating with Judge Markus in questioning his ethics; however, I’m here to tell ya that I suspect much of it was based on “documentary evidence” I obtained via public records requests that proved beyond all doubt that Judge Markus was a “serial thief” in regards to billing the State of Ohio for hours he never worked and/or travel expenses he never incurred.
As we speak (ca. May 16, 2010) Ms. Baumgartner remains in prison after being incarcerated in early 2008. Therefore, she has been jailed for at least two (2) years, which doesn’t include the almost one-year of prior imprisonment.
Conclusion – Dawg’s Commentary
If ya live in Ohio and you’ve been the victim of a dishonest/unethical judge and you’re looking for a little recompense, take my advice and threaten to kill the som-bitch as my friends in Brownsville, Texas would say. However, do not under any circumstances communicate with the errant judge by questioning his/her ethics.
Put simply, in Ohio, threatening to kill a judge and his wife will get ya a mere seven (7) months in prison verses eight (8) years if ya question his/her honesty/integrity. Its simple arithmetic folks!
And lastly, I’m not here acting as an apologist/enabler for Ms. Elsebeth Baumgartner. I first met her in early 2001 while I was living in Columbus, Ohio.
Did Ms. Baumgartner go off the reservation so to speak in attempting to out corrupt officials? Maybe, but that was her sworn duty as an attorney and Officer of the Court.
At this late stage of the proceedings, the person most responsible for going after Ms. Baumgartner was Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter who sought to silence her for exposing his egregious misconduct.
Here it is folks, 2010 and the allegations aired by Ms. Baumgartner in 2001 that Mr. Baxter was ethically deprived and a serial thief have basically been proven true. As we speak, Mr. Baxter is being investigated by the State of Ohio and federal authorities. Why didn’t these folks so act when Ms. Baumgartner and/or I provided them with drop-dead evidence regarding Mr. Baxter’s egregious misconduct?
Hopefully, Mr. Baxter will receive the comeuppance he so richly deserves from the authorities in the very near future.



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