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Judge Marcus Einfeld of Sydney; arrogant, inept liar, certified moron


For nearly twenty years, Federal Judge Marcus Einfeld sat on the court in Sydney, Australia.

In 2006 Judge Einfeld was issued with a $75 speeding ticket. In a laughable and inept attempt to escape liability, Einfeld engaged in a scheme to avoid responsibility, which goes like this:
  • Judge Einfeld testified that he lent his car to an old friend, US-based academic Professor Teresa Brennan on the day in question
  • Based on the false testimony, the speeding charge was dismissed
  • Police later discovered that Professor Brennan had died after a hit-and-run accident in the US “three (3) years earlier, in 2003”
Now folks, ya gotta be one big time ignoramus to claim a dead person was driving your car when it was ticketed for speeding, right? It’s obvious that Judge Markus Einfeld missed his calling as a standup comedian!
Criminal charges lodged against Judge Marcus Einfeld
In March 2007, Judge Einfeld was arrested and charged with 13 criminal offenses including perjury and perverting the course of justice. Perverting the course of justice carried a maximum jail term of 14 years; the other offenses a maximum of 10 years.
In March 2009, Judge Einfeld was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to perjury and obstruction of justice.
Judge Marcus Einfeld’s Hyperbolic (BS) Appeal of Prison Sentence
Judge Einfeld was apparently outraged that a fellow judge would have the audacity to sentence him to prison. He then went about appealing the sentence by having his psychiatrist Dr. Anthony Durrell tell the appellate panel the following BS:
  • Judge Einfeld displayed symptoms of “hypomania,” manifesting itself in grandiose ideas about himself
  • Einfeld suffered suffering from a long-term, previously undiagnosed bipolar disorder.
Unfortunately for Judge Einfeld, the Court of Appeals didn’t buy the BS put forth by his so-called psychiatrist when it unanimously rejected it, thereby assuring that Einfeld wasn’t going to be released from prison before serving his sentence.
Einfeld also had the chutzpah to tell reporter Sarah Ferguson for Four Corners in Sydney that “No, I’m not dishonest. I mean I don’t want to be offensive but that’s a bit offense and I don’t think I’m the slightest bit dishonest.” Yeah Judge Einfeld and the late Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t a carnivore, right?
Judge Einfeld Picks Wrong Venue to Engage in Perjury/Obstruction of Justice
If Judge Einfeld had committed perjury and obstructed justice as a judge in the U S of A and in particular in the state of Washington he would never have been charged criminally.
Despite being adjudged guilty of submitting 55 consecutive false affidavits (aka, perjury), ex-Judge Heather Van Nuys of Seattle was never criminally charged. See the article and URL re: Van Nuys below.
Is attorney Heather Van Nuys of Seattle a serial perjurer; moron and ethically insolvent?
And lastly, despite being an admitted felon, Judge Einfeld will continue to receive an $185,000 a year pension compliments of the taxpayers for the balance of his miserable life. Who said crime doesn’t pay?

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