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Comedians running for GOP Presidential Nomination


The group of Buffoons (my apologies to Buffoons) and comedians trying to garner the 2016 GOP presidential nomination is absolutely ridiculous.


We now have the Fox News Comedy Network setting debate rules by limiting the number of comedians on the dais to 10 at the first debate to be held in Cleveland.


Some of the comedians jockeying for the GOP nomination are:


Dr. Ben Carson 10% flat tax because it is endorsed in the Bible

Sen. Ted Cruz Said he’d throw his body in front of a train to stop Obamacare (the train ended up being made by Lionel)

Carly Fiorina Fired Hewlett Packard CEO claiming we need someone with business experience in the White House

Donald Trump Bankrupt casino operator


With the field of comedians expanding on a weekly basis, it may well be that the debates will have to be held in an outdoor arena. Maybe the GOP should ask former Speaker of the House Danny Hastert if he’s interested in running.


One thing you can take to the bank is the fact that none of these fools are really qualified to be President. In the event one of them wins the Presidency in 2016, and the GOP retains control of the House and Senate, the voters that elected these fools will eventually discover they’ve been taken to the cleaners.


And lastly, the losers can look forward to being offered a well-paying job as a comic commentator on the Fox News Comedy Network. A real loser might even get his own show! 

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