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U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas - Omnipotent Arrogance


Senator John Cornyn firmly believe it acceptable to expend huge sums of campaign funds to purchase a gift at Tiffany's (7,727) for an unamed friend.

Prior to duping Texas voters into electing him as a U.S. Senator in 2002, he was a district judge for six year; state supreme court justice for seven years, and state attorney general from 1999 to 2002. Johnny Boy purchased the following gifts via the use of campaign contributions.


Extravagant/Unreasonable or Illegal Gifts
  • 12-29-00 paid $7,727.00 to Tiffany & Co. in Philadelphia for one gift [Hey John, What's her/his name?]
  • 12-13-01 paid $17,311.50 to Ben Silver Corp in Charleston, SC for a gift [singular]
  • 01-28-03 paid $1,931.51 to Harry & David Mail Order in Medford, OR for gifts [US Senator at this time]

In addition to the outrageous gifts Johnny bought, he also spent the following campaign funds for a personal portrait of himself, giving vanity a new meaning. Johnny also spent outrageous sums of campaign funds for a Christmas party as you'll see below.


Outrageous/Unreasonable Photography Expense - Prime Example of Arrogance and Vanity
  • 12-27-02 paid $21,679.63 to Portraits South in Raleigh, NC for photography expense [US Senator at the time]
Outrageous/Unreasonable Christmas Party Expenses
  • 01-10-02 paid $8,217.67 to Four Seasons Hotel in Austin for Christmas party expense
  • 01-11-02 paid $2,533.05 to Doubletree Hotels in Austin for staff Christmas party

Ya think that Ol' Johnny gave advance notice to his campaign contributors that he intended to spend their hard-earned money in this manner? I doubt that he had the courtesy to so act!

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