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 Overweight Girls shouldn’t be admitted into America 


In a recent (May 2016) email to the Breitbart Comedy News blog, Ann Coulter said that if she were in charge of our immigration system, she would not “admit overweight girls” into the United States. (Ahiza Garcia)


Annie’s asinine comment apparently came about in response to a question of a prior incident when she refused to hug an undocumented immigrant during an appearance on the Fusion cable network. During her appearance, Annie said:

  • “When I’m in charge of immigration, I will not admit overweight girls.”

Well, Annie, when I’m in charge of deportations, the following persons will be the first to be arrested and shipped off to Outer Mongolia.

  • Women with an oversized Adams Apple (Annie qualifies)
  • Anyone engaged in fabricating outrageous falsehoods (Annie qualifies)
  • Any woman who remains single at 54 years-of-age (Annie qualifies)

Of course Annie made these ridiculous comments while she was out pimping for her latest book “Adios America.”


With the deportation mandates aforementioned, maybe she should write a new book and title it “Adios A-Hole.”


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