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Judge Timothy Dooley of Nome, AK; mysoginist loser


The state of Alaska presented Thomas D. Dooley with a law license in 1982 after he graduated from St. Mary’s University Law School in San Antonio, Texas.


In early 2013, Gov. Sean Parnell was duped into appointing Timothy as a Nome County Superior Court judge. Timmy didn’t receive the appointment because he was the most qualifed attorney in the area. He received it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


The Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct has charged Judge Dooley with the following misconduct.


Judge Dooley has repeatedly attempted to prove that he is one of Alaska’s Premier Misogynists and Morons (M&M). During the course of sitting on cases involving female victims of crime, Judge Dooley made the following comments, some of which occurred within two months of his appointment to the bench.

  • State v. Pushruk- “Has anything good ever come out of drinking other than sex with a pretty girl?”
  • State v. Delie– “What you’ve done with this young girl, it’s a strange thing, routinely done in Afghanistan where they marry 6 year-old girls. In our society, and in the society of the local tribal communities, supposed to be totally forbidden.”
  • State v. Sagoonick involving 14 year-old girl- “This was not someone who was, and I hate to use the phrase, ‘asking for it. There are girls out there that seem to be temptresses.”

During other court proceedings, Timmy the Dufus made the following comments:

  • Told sitting jury- “I’m sorry folks, but I can’t slap her around to make her talk louder.”
  • Civil trial involving unrepresented litigants– “I’m gonna enforce these oaths and they’re enforceable with a 2-year sentence for perjury. And I’d be the sentencing judge. I also have a medieval Christianity that says if you violate an oath, you’re going to hell. You all may not share, but I’m planning to populate hell.”

Since Judge Dooley took an oath as a judge, which he has repeatedly violated, then the Judicial Commission should make his wish come true and send him packing (to hell so to speak).


All that’s left now is to see what if any punishment is meted out to Judge Dooley by the apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Alaska Supreme Court. If things go as they usually do, Dooley will receive a complimentary reprimand.


As we speak (ca. June 2015), Judge Dooley remains sitting as a Nome County Superior Court Judge in Nome, Alaska. 


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