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Sandy Rios says, Wicked Obama Yearns for Christians to Voice Love to Gays


On a recent (04/08/15) edition of her radio comedy show, Un-American Family Association governmental affairs director Sandy Rios feigned outrage that during an Easter breakfast that Obama said that sometimes Christians use “less than loving expressions” that don’t reflect the love of Jesus.


Sandyalso scoffed at Obama for complimenting Pope Francis for hailing Jesus’ teachings of “embracing those who were different; serving the marginalized; humbling Himself to the last.”


Sandythen told her the low I.Q. bigots that tune in to listen to her crap:

  • “He’s [Obama] He’s talking about these religious freedom laws, among other things; he is talking about the gay community, which is his obsession, I must say.”
  • “Serving the marginalized,’ in other words, cakes, flowers. We know what he is talking about.”

Sandyconcluded her bigoted rant by saying:

  • “It’s a perversion of Jesus’ teaching to think that we ignore God’s law to do what we know in good conscience we can’t do and that we should be forced to do that in the name of God’s love and in what Jesus said, it’s just really a perversion.”
  • “It’s very evil and it’s evil to do it at an Easter Egg hunt, I’m sorry, a prayer breakfast.”

One must seriously wonder why Sandy expends so much energy in spewing forth hatred towards members of the gay community. Maybe we need to ask Sandy.


“What’s in your closet, Sandy?”


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