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Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR): Today’s “Humanitarian” Award Winner

Congratulations to….


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)

Today’s “Humanitarian” Award Winner



During a recent (04/01/15) appearance eon CNN, Tommy was asked to respond to the controversial “religious freedom” measures signed into law in Indiana and pending in Arkansas which most intelligent folks are calling discriminatory toward members of the gay community. Towards that end, Tommy said:

  • “In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay.”
  • “They’re currently imprisoning an American preacher for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Iran.”

What we have from Tommy the Humanitarian is an argument that suggests that gays in American shouldn’t worry about being discriminated against because at least Tommy and those of his ilk aren’t demanding that they be hung.


What do you think would happen to Tommy if he was an Iranian citizen and then sent a open letter to Obama criticizing Ayatollah Khamenei’s attempt to reach an accord a nuclear deal with the U.S. and its allies.


Congrats Tommy; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Humanitarians”; you are far too humble.


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