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Ex-Judge Cynthia Becker of Decatur, GA; lying loser 


The state of Georgia presented Fred Travis Soelen with a law license in 1987 after she graduated from Georgia State University Law School.


The Judicial Qualifications Commission recently charged Cynthia with six (6) counts of misconduct, most of which is related to her 2013 handling of a DeKalb County school corruption case.


The corruption case resulted in the convictions of former school system COO Pat Reid and her ex-husband, architect Tony Pope. The jury found that that Reid and Pope conspired to fix school construction contracts for personal gain. Subsequently, Pope and Reid were sentenced to prison terms.


Former school superintendent Crawford Lewis was also a co-defendant in the case; however, he copped a plea to a misdemeanor obstruction charge in return for his testimony against Reid and Pope and all three were subsequently sentenced to prison terms.


Lewis subsequently appealed his sentence which resulted in the judges ruling that Cynthia should have honored the DA’s deal that allowed Lewis to be free on probation. Cynthia defended her action by claiming she didn’t believe Lewis’ testimony, which is in direct conflict with what the jury found.


Cynthia then went about ordering new trials for Reid and Pope and in the process tossed out their jury convictions. The Court of Appeals overturned Cynthia’s order granting the new trial.


In its complaint the JQC stated that Cynthia violated the Code of Conduct by:


  • Failing to honor the Lewis plea agreement
  • Made false or misleading statements to the JQC (Up yours, said Cynthia!)
  • Engaged in improper ex parte (one-sided) communications with attorneys for Reid and Pope
  • Made public comments in political forum about Lewis case
  • Refused to perform her to duty to charge jurors
  • Refused to accept return of new indictments in open court


On March 1, 2015, Cynthia took the cowards way out in regards to the pending ethics complaint by residing from the bench. All that remains now is to see if the JQC punishes Cynthia for her misconduct.


As we speak (ca. March 2015), Alicia practices law in the Decatur, Georgia area.  

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