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Ex. Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID): Today’s “Dumbo” Award Winner

Congratulations to….


Ex. Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID)

Today’s “Dumbo” Award Winner  


This isn’t the first Award presented to Larry. In the past, he has been the recipient of two (2) Awards in various categories and/or the subject of three (3) opinion pieces. Those awards and opinion pieces are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


Larry’s contorted dance routine and arrest in a Minneapolis airport in 2007 during a sex sting operation seems to never end.


It has now been six months (August 2014) since a DC District judge ordered Larry to pay $242,535 to the Treasury Department in a lawsuit brought against the Idaho Republican by the Federal Election Commission.


Larry is now asking the DC Court of Appeals to reverse the $242,535 order. He is asking the court to waive the order that he must pay $197,533 in campaign funds from the Craig Committee to the Treasury Department, arguing he used the money for legal expenses “in good faith and on the advice of counsel.” (Hannah Hess) In his appellate brief, Larry argues that he has “endured severe professional and personal consequences.”


Larry’s lawyers went on to ask the court of appeals to set aside the $45,000 civil penalty he was ordered to pay by arguing that he has suffered enough.”


Hopefully, the three judge panel on the court of appeals tells Larry to take a hike. He made his bed while doing the “Hokey Pokey” in the men’s restroom; therefore, he deserves whatever embarrassment and /or monetary costs associated with such conduct.


Congrats Larry; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Dumbos”; you are far too humble.

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