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Judge Joan Shkane of Rome, NY; moron, Gadaffi Wannabee

The New York Appellate Court presented Joan Teuchert Shkane with a law license in 1978. Unfortunately, Arrogant Joan was successful in duping the voters into electing her as a Family Court Judge in Oneida County in November 2006.
 Recently the New York Judicial Commission found Arrogant Joan guilty of:
  1. Improperly threatening Police Officers [Apparently there’s a proper way to do it!]
  2. Denying those appearing before her their constitutional due process rights
  3. Unlawfully applying New York contempt laws [Ignoramus]
Comedians sitting on New York Judicial Commission
As part of her so-called punishment, the aspiring comedians sitting on the Judicial Commission ordered that Joan the Loser familiarize herself with the law regarding contempt procedures.
My question is, How in the hell did this Moron ever obtain a job a judge in the first place. She likely followed the usual path to success, which is to act as bootlicker, flunky and gopher for the local political hacks.
As a consequence of her misconduct, the enablers/apologists and comedians sitting on the Judicial Commission punished Joan by gifting her with a reprimand.
As we speak (ca. June 2011) Arrogant Joan continues to sit as an Oneida County Family Court Judge. Sadly, the Dishonorable Joan Shkane will remain on the bench until 2016 giving her even more opportunities to “dispense with justice.”
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